In 2019, the export of construction joinery from Poland amounted to USD 2.1 billion and was the largest in the European Union countries. During the global pandemic, the joinery market was not idle, recording further increases. In addition, the collapse of long sea supplies meant that producers in Poland could count on even larger orders. In 2021, the exports already amounted to USD 2.9 billion.

The boom, unparalleled anywhere in the world, only confirms our decision to organise trade fairs, combined with an extensive substantive programme, and the only place where they can be held is Kraków.

Most of our prospective customers are located in the south of Poland, within 200 km from Kraków.

Energy requirements and standards for window and door joinery keep becoming stricter. The current prices of energy raw materials encourage users, more than the strictest standards developed by the European Union, to look for novelties supporting saving energy used in buildings. The increase in environmental awareness, often driven by economic reasons, leads to a constant search for high-quality products.

The need for self-sufficiency, biodegradability and energy efficiency supports a growing demand for innovative products, and it has long been known that the best place to present them is at fairs – here, supply meets demand.

Targi w Krakowie Ltd. invite you to participate in the International Trade Fair for Window, Door, Facade, Gate, Shade, and Awning Systems OUTDOOR BUILD which will be held on  24 -26 May 2023  in Kraków, Poland