Badge-holder laynard: 2 500 PLN*

Distribution lanyard your company among the Visitors - lanyard, supplied by the company will be issued to Visitors with an admission ticket.

* exclusive offer

smycz targowa

Acces badges: 4 000 PLN

Your logo in colours printed on the backside of each Access Badge (Visitors, Exhibitors, Organizers, Press, VIP, etc.). You provide us with the JPEG, PDF, AI, EPS or PSD template of your design. This offer is prepared for one company.


Official exhibition bags: 4 500 PLN*

Company logo included on the exhibition bag. Official show bag will be designe by the Organiser. Official exhibition bags will be available for Visitors in special bins at the main entrance, registration points and in the hall. 

*exclusive offer

torba targowa

Distribution: 2 500 PLN

Distribution of advertising materials (leaflets, brochures, samples of materials) during the trade fair. 

This offer is limited - 3 companies


Footprints: contack*

A series of feet printed on the floor (one every meter) from the entrance of the exhibition to your booth. Your logo printed in 1 colour on a footprint sticker. You provide us with the JPEG, PDF, AI, EPS or PSD template of your design. This offer is limited - 2 companies.

* section A 1 500 PLN [20 pcs.], section B 2 500 PLN [30 pcs.], section C 3 500 PLN [40 pcs.]

naklejki podłogowe

Advertising Flags: 900 PLN| pc.

This form of advertising is unmissable. Flags are the best way of marking your presence at EXPO Krakow. There are six flagpoles at your disposal in front of the building, with dimensions of 100cm x 400cm and 120cm x 400cm. Graphic designs should be provided by the Client in accordance with the organiser’s guidelines.

flaga reklamowa

Advertising on the car park fencing at EXPO Krakow: 1 000 PLN| pc.

Advertising banners on the exterior fencing around the centre, which will be highly visible to pedestrians and motorists visiting trade fairs at EXPO Krakow. Aesthetically pleasing advertising boards made of excellent quality materials, up to ten metres in length. Dimensions of a single banner 1.7m x 2.4m.

reklama na siatce

Advertising balloon in the EXPO Krakow area: 3 000 PLN|piece

As it can be seen from a great distance, a balloon attracts a lot of interest. It is the ideal medium for building one’s brand image. It’s a practically unmissable form of advertising to anyone visiting the trade fairs at EXPO Krakow. The balloon has a base of 3m x 3m and is held down by weights. It has to be supplied and fitted by the Client.

balon reklamowy

A large format banner at the façade of EXPO Krakow: 6 000 PLN| pc

The most exclusive segment of outdoor advertising for special occasions. With very few opportunities of this kind offered, there is no risk of this form of advertising being lost among other information. Prestigious advertising, available in different formats [6m x 6m].

siatka na froncie obiektu

Placement of boards, banners, roll-ups in the EXPO Krakow area: 400 PLN| 1 sq m

Placed in areas most exposed to the public, these banners, boards and roll-ups – with dimensions and locations to be agreed with the Organisers – are an excellent form of advertising that will certainly be highly visible to all our Visitors.


Displays at the EXPO Krakow area: 1 000 PLN|piece

Totem PROMO-V 47'' is a modern, unique source of advertising, offering an opportunity to reach hundreds of potential customers throughout the day! It is also an effective media advertising and announcement system. Prestige, style and elegance all in one.


TV displays in the lobby and at the EXPO Krakow restaurant: 850 PLN

Have a direct impact on your future customer’s sense of sight! With TV displays in the lobby and in the restaurant you can effectively direct visitors to your stand. This is an alternative advertising method for guests who are not directly involved in the trade fair as exhibitors. A 45-second spot, provided by the Client, can be broadcast at least 5 times a day.

reklama tv

Radio advertising at EXPO Kraków: 500 PLN

Use the power of the imagination! Radio advertising – a 30 second audio spot, supplied by the Client, broadcast 5 times a day, is an ideal sales-support tool. Reach your target clients with a message about your commercial offer, discounts, sales or special offers.

reklama radiowa

Toilet stickers: 2 000 PLN

Project provided by the Client in accordance with the TwK guidelines, the price includes the cost of production, assembly and disassembly. Wisla hall.

Stickers above the main entrance: 3 000 PLN| 2 pc.

Project provided by the Client in accordance with the TwK guidelines, the price includes the cost of production, left, right, middle or all panels to choose from.