Kraków is the perfect venue for such an event, devoted to the manufacturing systems for windows, doors, shades, garage gates and swimming pools.

A great location in the vicinity of the second largest airport in the country, as well as excellent road and rail networks, means that trade shows held at EXPO Kraków always attract a large turnout, with visitors arriving not only from all over Poland, but also from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Germany.


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Come to the fair

 trade fairs give the opportunity to conveniently compare a large number of offers in one place and time,

 during ASSEMBLY GO you can reach a wide range of suppliers and exporters offering high-quality products and services at a good price,

 the formula of the fair is a key forum for exchanging experiences, learning new products, trends and directions of the industry development as well as building effective commercial relations,

 an ideal opportunity to gain up-to-date, specialized knowledge, presented only by industry specialists.

Krakow - the best businesses are done here!